Immunologically, right?


Are you interested in immunology and would you like to learn more about our immune system? Then listen to our new biweekly podcast series “Immunological, right?” Every 2 weeks, Professor Jacques van Dongen and Jules Brouwer discuss the latest developments and insights in the field of immunology. Whether you’re a beginner or already know the subject, this podcast is open to everyone. Feel free to send your questions to and maybe your question will be answered in one of our episodes. Go listen and learn more about our most important immune system!

#1 – Introduction & the Basics

In this first episode, Jacques and Jules will introduce themselves and the podcast. Furthermore, they discuss the question ‘What is our Immune System?’.

#2 – Our immune system is a 'super-organ'

In this second episode, Jacques and Jules will go deeper into what our immune system really is and explain why this is a super-organ.
We are also talking about our mucous membrane and the protagonists of the immune system.

#3 – Aging

In this episode, Jacques and Jules discuss the topic of aging and its impact on our body and immune system. They explore how the immune system changes with age and how this can make us more susceptible to certain diseases. They also discuss ways to support and strengthen the immune system as we age.

#4 – Health

In this episode, Jules & Jacques discuss a topic that has been gaining more and more attention lately: health and the immune system.
They discuss how supplements and lifestyle contribute to a healthy immune system.
What’s true about all the nutrition and supplement hype? And what other factors play a role in strengthening our immune system?
Whether you’re already into health and wellness, or just curious about how to strengthen your immune system, this episode will give you the information you need to make conscious choices.

#5 – The Gatekeepers: Our Mucosal Defenses

In this episode Jules & Jacques discuss the gatekeepers of our body: our mucous membrane defenses. How does our body ensure that microbes cannot enter in the first place and what makes this defense so special?
Where are the mucous membranes actually located? Where is our body open to the outside world? Listen to this episode to find out more!

#6 – Vaccination

In this episode of “Immunological, right?!”, Jacques and Jules explore the world of vaccinations. They discuss the history of vaccines, the different types, and the innovative mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines. They also explain why vaccinations are so important for public health and the challenges we face as a society. Listen to this engaging episode for a better understanding of vaccinations and the science behind them.

#7 – All cells in a row

In this episode of “Immunological, right?!”, Jacques and Jules explore the world of our immune cells. They discuss which cells our defenses know and what they are for. They also explore the complexity of the system again and Jules finds out how the cells all work together.
Happy listening!

#8 – Cell production and the lymphatic system

In this episode of “Immunological, right?!”, Jacques and Jules delve deeper into the wonderful universe of our immune system. They unravel the mystery of the production of immune cells and discover the crucial role of our lymphatic system in this process. Listen in as they follow the fascinating journey from stem cells to mature immune cells and reveal how our bodies constantly defend themselves against invaders. Prepare for an intriguing journey of discovery through the wonderful world of lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and much more. Be amazed by the complexity and efficiency of the human body. Happy listening!

#9 – Tissue Damage

In this episode of “Immunological, right?!”, Jacques and Jules take us on a journey through the world of tissue damage and breakdown. They reveal the crucial role our immune system plays in recognizing, responding, and repairing this damage. Hear how our heroic immune cells work to repair and replace damaged tissue, and how they carefully maintain the balance between necessary breakdown and constructive buildup. From the first signs of damage to the final steps of healing, dive into this fascinating episode with us. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible forces at work in our own bodies. Happy listening!

#10 – Reduced Resistance

In this episode, Jacques and Jules discuss reduced resistance. This reduction in resistance comes in many forms and Jacques and Jules will name it and delve deeper into it. The main reasons for a reduced resistance are: the aging of the resistance, immune disorders and sometimes external factors. Listen to this episode and learn all about what it means to have a reduced resistance and sometimes how it arises.

EXTRA EPISODE - 10,000km Challenge

We also have an extra episode for you today! Prepare for a journey of 10,000 kilometers with three men on a mission: a healthier world by supporting the Resistance Fund. You can’t miss out!

Check out the website here:

#12 - Genetics with Frank Staal

Another special episode this week, because this time Jacques and Jules have a guest in the studio: Molecular Immunologist Frank Staal! They’re going to talk about our genetics; what is it? How does it work? and how does it affect our immune system? Frank Staal is busy with genetics on a daily basis and is therefore the perfect guest to talk about this subject.

#13 - Gene therapy with Frank Staal

In this episode, Jacques and Jules have another guest at the table: Molecular Immunologist Frank Staal. This time they are going to talk about what Frank deals with in his work: Gene therapy. Because what is that actually? How does it work? And what’s so special about it? You can hear it all in episode 13 of Immunological right?!

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