The Immune ID.

Your personal resistance passport

Immuun-ID jouw peroonlijke weerstandpaspoort

The functioning of your immune system

Your immune system is your physical defense, protecting your body from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses Your age and lifestyle affect the functioning of your immune system. But the functioning of this immune system is largely genetically determined. How many B cells you have, how many T cells, how fast your cells divide and more, is largely fixed from birth. They decrease as you get older and vary from person to person.

A personal health check

How useful would it be, if you knew exactly how much of those cells you have? By mapping these immune cells, you get information about which infections you are susceptible to. And this can be done quite easily, by taking a blood sample. A team of top Dutch researchers will examine your blood and can show how combat-ready your system is. We process the results of this count into a kind of personal passport: your Immune ID. A unique and new tool that gives you more insight and makes medical treatment more successful.

The Immune ID.

The Resistance Fund has been raising money for research into the human immune system since 2010. This knowledge is crucial in the fight against infectious diseases. In the meantime, immunology has developed enormously; We know a lot about the functioning of our defenses. Now it is time to apply this knowledge, through the Immune ID.

A strong defense is the best offense.

Factors such as age and lifestyle naturally influence your resistance, but every person is different, so every immune system is also different. As long as we don’t really know how good our immune system is, it remains a gamble if it is said that you are at a higher or lower risk of diseases, for example, because of your age. So by counting your cells and drawing up the Immune ID, you know where you stand. And by mapping the cells of many people, we are accelerating research into various diseases. This way we can act much more effectively in epidemics such as Corona and prevent diseases.