SUPen Together with your team 7 laps of supping on the beautiful water of the Zevenhuizerplas. That’s the Sup7Challenge!

Sup stands for Stand-Up Paddling and means that you paddle across the water standing on a board, with a paddle in your hands. In the Netherlands this is still a relatively young and unknown sport. Internationally, Suppen is the fastest growing water sport of the moment. Standing on a board with a paddle in your hand is of course not new. This has been happening for thousands of years.

But around 2005, Stand Up Paddling got a huge boost as surf legends Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton were increasingly featured on a SUP board. There were several advantages over traditional surfing. You could see the waves coming better standing up and make more speed. Meanwhile, there are different forms of Supping. For example: on flat water, recreationally, as a fitness workout, sightseeing, on rivers, in the waves and even yoga on a SUP is possible.