We, Evert, Marc Peter and Frenk, are three men from Rotterdam who take on the challenge of cycling a 10,000 km trip in 60 days for charity, the Resistance fund. We trained for months, covered many miles and even took months off from work to prepare for this challenge.

We would like to invite you to participate in our plan. You can ride with us by bike or by car on our route through Europe. In addition, you can help us find places to sleep along the way, encourage us if you happen to run into us during your holiday, or even come up with your own contribution to support us. Any kind of help is welcome!

If you are unable to physically participate in our journey, you can still support us by making a donation to the Resistance fund.

Every contribution, large or small, is valuable and contributes to the realization of groundbreaking immunological research.

In addition, it would help enormously if you share our story via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and other channels. That way we can generate extra publicity and get more followers, which helps us to reach our goal.

In short, we invite you to join our adventure and support the Resistance Fund. Together we can make a positive change and strive for a world where health and wellness are accessible to all. Join us and help us change lives!